Yokomizo Miyuki

weave words

To make these lines, I use strings pulled tight across the canvas.
Then, I apply paint, to each strings then, snap it across the canvas, which leaves an impression on the canvas.
It’s the same process that’s used in carpentry.
I repeat the process, over and over and over, then I turn the canvas around on a right angle, and do exactly the same process over and over and over.
So the structure of the patterning consists of vertical and horizontal lines.
The physical aspect and material aspect, are important in my work.
The reason, is, that I studied sculpture, in art school.
I snap the string the same way as if carving or sculpturing.
The consiciousness is more close to sculpturing than painting.
For me, the repetition of lines is like the ticking of a clock or beating out a rhythm.
(When l splash drops of color, I feel it’s like particles of light.)
Repetition also creats the effect of vibration.
When you look at it closely, you sometimes can get dizzy, or feel some distance and depth.
My art is like something you would see from far above, looking down at, like a bird’s-eye-view.
I maging seeing the cosmos, far way, as with sound scenery, or it could be some mysterious DNA/genetic world.
For me, the beauty of repetition, shows me all of these images.


oil on canvas