Yokomizo Miyuki

torso – crowd 1000

Torso (aluminum)

Bend an empty painting tube, a torso’s twisting waist.

Lay it down, a reclining nude.

Paint tubes are important for painters, the invention, let them spread.

Freedom wide.

A torso, significant, for sculptors.

A nude, an essential in Art.

“Reclining Figure”, Henry Spencer Moore; “Reclining Nude”, Amedeo Clemente Modigliani; “Reclining Nude” Pablo Picasso etc.

Although one act influencing an object seems insignificant, the world beyond it appears with gathering and accumulation.

An element of the light, such as a reflection or the refraction of aluminum, losing figure, causing the loss of individualizing.

I remove one body, but, the whole does not change.

However, meaningful, parts of things share a significant whole.


aluminum, plater

dimension variable