Yokomizo Miyuki


“Anything essential is invisible to the eyes.
One sees clearly only with the heart.
What’s most important is invisible.”: The Little Prince

My art evokes that “which is invisible to the eyes but ……is.

Visible, however impossible to touch.
Invisible but existent.
A sign in life, an indication of the ambiguous.
One recognizes it.
How ever one can not be certain.
I attempt to express vague existence.

My work begins from a simple process.
Consisting of extreme repetition, a visual event.
It exploits ultimate visual capabilities, recalling and arousing uncertainty of what is being looked at.
Repetition in quantity, such as geometric patterns, spherical shapes, vertical and horizontal lines are essential.
I prefer industrial, rather than natural materials, due to growing up in the 60’s, in downtown Tokyo.
My aesthetic is defined by this.
I wish to engage other people into the ambience of vast, “multiple-simplicity”.


Yokomizo is an artist based in Kyoto. In 1994, she received a BFA from the Department of Sculpture at Tama Art University in Tokyo.

Her unique installation work has been shown in many galleries and museums including ARTIZON MUSEUM, Tokyo(2023), POLA MUSEUM ANNEX, Tokyo(2021), Kawamura Memorial DIC Museum of Art, Chiba(2003), Museume of Comtemporary Art Tokyo, Tokyo(2002), the Museum of modern art, Saitama, Saitama(2000),Snug Harbor Cultural Center, New York(2002), Newhouse Center for Contemporary Art, New York(2002).

Yokomizo won a scholarship from the Japan Agency for Cultural Affairs in 2001 and the same year participated in a residency program of the Snug Harbor Cultural Center, NYC.  Other residency programs included the Taipei Artist Village in 2003 and the Aomori Art Contemporary Art Center in 2004.  She won a fellowship from the International Research Center for The Arts in Kyoto in 2005.

She has also exhibited in the “D.U.M.B.O Art Under the Bridge Festival,” in Brooklyn, NY in 2002,  the Camouflash/Disappear in ART at Unoactu in Dresden, Germany in 2008 and the Mediations Biennale, Mona Inner Spaces in Poznan, Poland in 2008.

Her works have been shown as public art and are included in the collections of several companies and institutions such as:  JAL FIST CLASS Lounge at the Haneda International Airport(Tokyo), the Ritz-Carlton Hotel (Kyoto), the Four Seasons Hotel, the Kansai Medical University Hirakata Hospital (Osaka), SkyperfecTV! (Tokyo), the Palace Hotel (Tokyo), the Domain Mall (Hong Kong), and Shimadzu Corporation (Kyoto), etc.